The garden 
bathing in 
the fresh dew 
on its leaves 
and petals; 
towards the light 
of dawn.

They knew.

The birds 
chased each other 
in the misty air,
their joy at
being alive.

They knew.

The ancient trees,
rooted deep, 
let their branches
play in the breeze, 
to the warmth 
of the rising sun. 

They knew.

The stream 
burbled its way 
with a brighter tone
while the stones 
and the dust
held their place
but in their own way

they knew.

The shimmering air,
the drifting clouds,
the mountains and valleys,
the lands and seas,
the sun, moon and stars,

they all knew ...
and waited.

the women came;
focusing on 
the emptiness,
fearing the worst,
running to tell the men ...

They didn't know.

the men,
seeing the evidence,
without understanding ...

They didn't know.

So much distress,
so many tears,
and chaos 
in their world.

just as on 
that first Day,
God's Spirit
the Son spoke ...

and they knew.

(c) 2020 Graham Oakes

4 thoughts on “Knowing.

    1. Thank you Tricia … lovely to hear from you. Hope all is well with you and yours. I’m getting back into my Blog … and Holy Week is such an inspiration ???? Blessings.

  1. Graham, I have read your verse and prose. I am moved by the spiritual focus, and the sharing of a Christian set of values.
    I have enjoyed considering each aspect of life and interpretation in your words.
    I find that you have been awakened and show an awareness of inner being, some of which I reflect in my own verse.
    I look forward to reading more of your work.
    Regards, God keep you.
    Will George

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